I stumbled out of the tree line into a clearing to find what I guessed was a type of gym. There were guys more than six feet tall with striped hair who were trying to hack each other into pieces. Girls with iridescent wings were engaged in hand-to-hand combat, and others were flying, shooting bows and arrows at targets through the field.

Guess they never heard of dodge ball here.

All of a sudden the wind shifted to behind me, and everyone I was watching stopped.

Slowly they turned to me and folded their arms over their chests.

“Who’s the norm?” someone yelled.

“New veil-seer.”

“She reeks of human,” one of the techno-hair guys stated.

I am so taking a shower as soon as possible.

“What’s it want?”

“I’m leaving,” I announced. “Fine,” I muttered to myself. I didn’t want to play any of their reindeer games, anyway.

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