From the final installment of Haven, HARBOR ABSOLUTION

“You lost the God-squad?”

Right. Willow’s bellow got me to refocus on the issue at hand. My sister and her friend’s pending mutiny. Tell me something. Do other teenagers have problems like these?

“They weren’t helping as much as watching.”

“Even watching is better than nothing,” Willow said.cropped-haven-opt1.jpg

Stepping in between the budding feud between Kai and the resident witch, oh, our only witch, seemed wise at that point. Crap. We need Willow. “It was the best thing to do under the circumstances. You have to understand, if they’re not willing to help all of us what good are they?”



“Why did Haydn tell me I had a choice between you and the Shade?”

Just as the last words cleared my lips, Cass’s shadow seemed to grow to a hundred times its normal size. A low rumbling laugh, the kind I heard that first day in the forest came taunting at me on the afternoon breeze. I guess taking a Shade vacation was not in my cards.

“Never mind.”

“You were made”—she looked away from me—“not born into this conflict. The only reason you’re at Haven is because I found you first.”

Deciding a change in topic would be wise, I shook my head as the shadow retracted back to normal size. Maybe it was my imagination? I did almost get eaten. That had to play hell with a girl’s senses. To think the twins wanted to come visit me. Over my dead body.

Hmm. Maybe I’d better stop mentioning my dead body. This is getting a little too possible in the scheme of things.

Irony thy name is writing

It’s a very different experience promoting Seat of God, a spiritual thriller series for adults that pulls heavily from Ethiopian and religious history, and Haven Awakening, a young adult fantasy romance, at the same time. These aren’t different hats; it’s more like a hat and a pair of shoes. For Seat of God, everything- even the social media activity- has to target one group, while Haven is simply a combination of Twitter and Instagram. In the end, it’s all about the readers and who they tell. There is no substitute for good buzz, I made my entire marketing career about perfecting it, so how odd is it now I’m stuck relying exclusively on that very thing? Image

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