From the final installment of Haven, HARBOR ABSOLUTION

“You lost the God-squad?”

Right. Willow’s bellow got me to refocus on the issue at hand. My sister and her friend’s pending mutiny. Tell me something. Do other teenagers have problems like these?

“They weren’t helping as much as watching.”

“Even watching is better than nothing,” Willow said.cropped-haven-opt1.jpg

Stepping in between the budding feud between Kai and the resident witch, oh, our only witch, seemed wise at that point. Crap. We need Willow. “It was the best thing to do under the circumstances. You have to understand, if they’re not willing to help all of us what good are they?”



She remembered. The bright light. The scream of the brakes. The sickening feeling of impact, and then the world turning around and around, until it stopped. She smelled the gas, opened her eyes to see her parents deadly still and contorted as if they were broken dolls … and then she saw the flames building, blocking the windows … cutting off all hope of escape. And finally the eye-burning flash of the car exploding. Topsy remembered every moment of the crash that killed her parents.

And ended her fifteen years on earth.

When she opened her eyes after the car exploded, it was to see this beautiful black girl staring at her with an irritated look on her face. Now she knew she was the one they called Cassandra, and Cassandra stated Topsy was too nice to be a part of her crew. So she was brought here, and thrust at the one called Nyx, who was supposed to be burdened by her presence.

She closed her eyes on earth and opened them in hell.


Nyx glanced up at the girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes and smiled. She really was quite terrifying. Did a leader’s heart proud. Turning back to the bitch currently harshing her mellow, she used her speak now or forever hold your entrails voice. “Why. Are. You. Here … CASSANDRA?”

It took little more than a nod of her head for Cassandra to make a sparkly explosion to herald the arrival of … a girl? The creature was a small thing, a little over five feet she guessed. And where the Aguane were all tall, with lean elegant builds, this one was round. Her hair was curly, eyes as circular as a new moon, body curvy bordering on chubby. What the hell kind of gift was that?

And how could she return it?

“This is Topsy.”

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